...I own a examine in the order of the "hybrid" dogs.?

Now I know that hybrids are not breeds, that they are mixes and that a lot of them finish up in shelters. I bring back that.
Some people give the impression of being to "boycott" the new mixes, hybrids, or anything you want to call them. Isn't this how our reliable purebreds come about? People breeding different dogs together and continuing to breed?
For example: Poodle + Maltese = Maltipoo
Maltipoo + Maltipoo = 2nd gen Maltipoo
If those continue to breed Maltipoos to Maltipoos (or doesn`t matter what kind of specific mix) wouldn't that, over time, create a sort of standard for that dog?
So are no "new" breeds ever going to be allowed? The one and only way to create a bright breed would be to cross existing breeds and to keep up beside it.

So in a nutshell, my request for information is: Why do people seize so angry when people cross two breeds together if it could possibly create a trial breed?

I don't know much about breeding dogs, so if my ask seems unapprised, sorry.
Answers: I have a Bichonpoo. If I have a dollar for every negative e-mail I receive from petqna.com users because I own a designer dog I would be rich adequate to live in a mansion and drive a rolls Royce. Some populace are just totally uneducated to the fact that untried breeds can be developed over time. They are satisfied near the current pure breeds and see no need to add on new breeds. It is true that lots of these designer dogs are bred by backyard breeders. However, and this is what I can't convince people is that in attendance are legitimate breeders breeding designer dogs, frequent in the hopes of some daylight breeding the next pure bred pup. I do see a afternoon where some of these designer dogs will become pure breeds. I am not within any way against the breeding of designer dogs so long as it is done for the right reason and to fulfill the publics desires not to just breed as a status symbol (backyard breeders). Responsible breeding whether of designer dogs or pure breeds is a honourable thing.
It's not the breed crossing necessarily that get people angry. It's irresponsible breeding that's the problem. Often times these breeds next to the cutesy names come from society who are just within it for the money. A dog is a pet who should be loved and cherished, not a puppy machine, but to these kind of people adjectives they see is dollar signs and then they slap a cute designation on it and charge $2000. I love mutts and there are categorically some great ones out there, but when at hand are so many contained by shelters because of accidental or ill-considered breedings, why purposely breed more?

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