A female fell surrounded by front of my house, in a minute she is suing me.?

my mother was outside our front door next to my then puppy pit bull (who be on a leash) while an elderly lady be walking with her friend on the side waddle infront of my house. The lady fell down and my mother go to help her out and even call the ambulence for her. Now I am being sued because she claims that my dog be not on a leash and tripped her and caused her to break her hip. does anyone enjoy any advise, I have a feeling like I enjoy no hope because it really is a she said he said type of situation. She has her friend that be there, who will obviousely side near her and all we hold is my mothers word. Do I have any method of winning this.
Answers: Probably not. Pitbulls are the current "nose-dive guys" of all breeds. Even if she sues, it probably isn't a criminal defence. You can check with a legal representative. And also check with your insurance company. If you own homeowner's insurance, it should cover this.
Get a lawyer and constraint she take a fiction detector test.

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