Do you guess?

Do you think it is better to enjoy another dog to keep my shepard sharpei mix co? She is other looking sad when we are slack around the house.
Answers: I have 2 elder dogs the best thing that ever happen to them socially and physically was when I adopt a younger dog, now they are adjectives brothers. Remember the personality of your pet. You DO NOT want 2 dominate dogs contained by the same domestic. Also consider the lifestyle of you and the current pet you need someone that fits into that pretty powerfully. Research the characteristics of the breed you have in a minute. That might help the most to find out what you want to do exactly.
she probably wants some attention from you, not another dog.
that might relieve.
I've never had two dogs at a time, but I know culture that did. They were close to buddies. Just remember two of em means double the expense.
ya everyone should hold friends!!
Why don't you give her attention?
Play fetch next to her, take her for a meander, go to a park, pet her.
No, superfluous. Get her toys, spend time with her, pet her, give somebody a lift her for walks - purely about any movement with her near make her a bullish dog. Also, doesn't the sharpei (sp?) have a discouraging looking face anyway?? I would pass judgment more by the dog's behavior.
go steal her for a walk and play,do this habitually and you may not have to consider another dog as they may not procure along and your dog may feel jelous or try more attention 1st and see how she does.other you will enjoy 2 dogs moping about and boredom not so righteous.
maybe your dog is lately not getting enough attention from you. But if you do bring within another dog, your dog might become jeolous unless your trying to breed, i guess.
unless you're always at home, yeah I interpret your dog does get pretty lonely

i'd never dream of only just having one animal anymore

when I in recent times had my one cat he be always so lonely, not to mention disturbingly excited to see me when I get home

since I got my second one, he seem to be a lot happier

I assume dogs are always happier when another dog is at hand to interact with,especially when you are away for a long time. Dogs are especially social animals. They always want to be constituent of a pack. But they will compete for your attention.
If your dog is looking sad, they try to compensate more attention to it! Try some games or exercise to strengthen your bond with the dog back you try to bring a new one into the mix. If you own another dog, that's just more work (and expense!) for you. Don't bring back me wrong, I have 2 dogs and it have been a great experience, but it is markedly double the work for me! Don't get another dog basically because you think your dog is bored, although it is well brought-up for dogs to live in a "pack," you must construct sure that your dogs will get along powerfully and that you have time and drive for both of them equally!

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