5-6 Week old-fashioned Puppies--Anyone else seeing the..?

trend? Why are there so frequent questions reguarding 5 and 6 week aged pups? It's horrible to think that there's so tons breeders out there getting rid of their pups this hasty.

Is this most likely because of the Christmas season + $ or is this an all-year-long article? It seems close to there's been atleast 20 folks a day claiming to own 5 and 6 week old puppies..
Answers: Just devise, in 6 months or so, we will know how to help adjectives those folks with their dog's behavioral issues due to want of proper socialization! Yippee!

It is pretty alarming and sickening all at alike time.
Good call! All the BYBs are out surrounded by force so that they can put a low quality poorly bred pup lower than each and every tree.

They bred and immediately realize that they have no opinion what they are doing, so they turn to a site full of strangers for free (and often bad)help. What a bunch of (see my name).
i touch bad for the family who breed these dogs, they have no heart.. and should be punished..

a puppy desires a caring home, and should not be see as an opportunity for "fast cash"

I don't know, but it's making me sick. So abundant people currently are either stupid or uninformed. It makes it even worse when they say-so something like "ably the breeder said it was ok", or "but they be gonna run out of puppies". Sick.

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