"Mastiff Safe" dog sports?

Alright so, my nine month old American Mastiff Zen, is getting up in that. He's starting to display a personality, and is growing up to be a obedient boy. But with this contemporary personality I cant support but want to do something with him, such as a Dog Sport. Now Zen is toy and orb retrieveing crazy which is quite unordinary for his breed. And he also loves to swim. He listen fairly economically, but is rough around the edges, but I do want to do some type of activity near him. Now obviously because he's not a runner {although he's fairly fast} I've ruled out things like Flyball, Dock Diving ect.. So I stipulation some opinions and warning for a sport for my boy. Also too because he's only partially grown, and will stand around 35-37 inches tall at the shoulders when he's elder {roughly 3 inches past hips on a 5'7 person} and will be anywhere from 250-290 I have need of to choose wisely. I've considered protection sports but Mastiffs are ungodly judge I dont want to have an aggressive mastiff I may not know how to control...
Answers: Welcome to the world of the gentle giant! He'll dwarf my prys!

I'm not sure why you've ruled out dock diving, which, if he's a fitting swimmer would appeal to me as a good remedy. Check that out further and talk to some participant, or better yet, inhabitants who run the events.

I wonder how he'd be at dancing routines. A mastiff dance with you would be truly flashing as they don't often do that, but next to the talents he's shown, it's in reality a possibility for HIM.

Frizbee toss is out for a mastiff. I guess that is what you miserable by flyball, or else it's a related sport.

Talk to agility associates ... he'd be an unusual breed for that, but maybe it could be done.

I hope you find a really polite sport for him... dancing, dock diving or agility... and that you both wallow in it tremendously... which is much more important than if you are the champ... for him it's the successful participation that's most exalted, and being competent to do it with YOU!
Weight pulling.

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