What can I do next to my 6m puppy she is panicky of other dogs?

ok so I have a havanese and chi mix she is adorable near people, kids and my other dog (pomeranian-chi mix) but when we walk to the dog park and a dog comes to sniff her she gets really terrified she get surrounded by the ground like she requirements a tummy rub. If its two dogs she starts snapping. She is absolutely fine next to my other dog she jumps on her, chases her and adjectives normal stuff. I dont know if this is piece of the problem, I got her when she be about 3 weeks her momma died and I bottle feed her and took care of her, could it be that she didnt achieve to play with the rest of the litter and do regular puppy stuff. What can I do for her to grain confortable around other dogs and play.?
Answers: She justs needs more socializing. It will bring time, but the best thing to do is put her surrounded by many different situations and around masses different dogs and people.

One guidance is to not comfort her when she is being anxious. This only reinforces her panicky behavior. If you ignore the timid behavior and reward her when she is brave, she will soon be a socialite. The rolling over indicates submissiveness - she may only be a naturally submissive dog.

Give it time. She is youthful and it's a scary world out here.
just introduce her to smaller dogs or toys

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