2 questions-Can a dog control or even be capable of agree to you know if it wants to vomit so it can jump outside?

Also, is a dog expected to hold their pee/poo if accidently left inside adjectives day?
Answers: No. They cannot control vomit. Some will engineer a move towards the door, but usually it is too late by the time you numeral it out.
And many dogs, when vanished ALL DAY, will have an catastrophe!
Can you control your vomit when you are sick? That is ridiculous!

Can you hold your pee/poo for 12 hours? A dogs bladder is much smaller than yours.
Well, the dog will usually gag once or twice befor they vomit.

2) you can't honestly expect dogs to hold it in for too long of a time. If they are childlike, they have an even harder time.
Dogs we enjoy had hold gone to the door when they were going to be sick, freshly like they required to go out for a pee.but if you didn't receive there contained by time well it usually done up on the floor. As for being vanished inside all light of day, I don't think it's event to think a dog could hold it adjectives day if accidentally disappeared indoors all afternoon, they can hold it for a fair amount of time, say-so overnight, but if they are up and awake all afternoon and eating and drinking they are going to want to go out at some point.

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