"lump?" within Dog's mouth?

I just notice a "lump" in my dog's mouth, genus of like what you see when a piece of buscuit go to the wrong place and you need to move it from where on earth its stuck? Problem was, when I go to move it, it was not a buscuit but similar to a boil in between her mouth tissue and skin. It is soft and pliable. What happen and how did it happen so like greased lightning?
Answers: It sounds like an oral papiloma. They are benign, resemble cauliflower similar to growths in or around the mouth. Many vet choose to remove one or 2 and some do nothing at adjectives. Your dog can contract the virus that causes these tons from other dogs, perhaps when their immune systems are not developed for example puppies from the dog park where on earth they share water and toys.
i wouldnt dissipate time asking people on here. take your dog to the vets asap, as this could be a serious problem.

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