10 Month Old *potty trained* Shih Tzu - won't potty contained by the snow?

I have a 10 month ancient Shih Tzu that's been potty trained for something like 5 months, she hasn't had a single twist of fate .. until our ice storm.

She will really not go potty on the ice/snow outside. She'll singular go if it feel like grass, I'm guessing.

Now, she potty's inside on the hearth rug. It's really annoying, since most of our house is tanish color. I've firmly said, "NO!" when she's doing it, or starts to, but that doesn't work.

I've also LEFT her outside, but she just whine at the door, and then 3 minutes following, finds a spot inside to go to the potty.

My mother isn't too at ease about this. What can I do? Any caring tips?
Answers: My friend ran into equal problem with her Boston Terrier. This may nouns weird, but she have her husband shovel a small patch of snow off of the grass. It looked messed up and muddy, but the dog go to the bathroom there in a minute!

EDIT: I would NOT put down newspaper - you don't want her getting surrounded by the habit of going inside!
Would you potty within the snow? Why not clear a spot outside for her to go?

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