How do I change the information on my dog's chip??

i've had my dog for six months and i l love him very much. He was given to us by friends who could no longer keep him. They had him for a few months before they gave him to me- he was given to them by a removed family member (i'm not sure of their relationship) who was my dog's original owner. They installed a chip in my dog and their information is on it. i do not know them and i have no direct contact with them. i have asked my friends repeatedly to get the information from this person, but he is supposedly blowing them off. i desperately don't want something to happen to my dog and have whoever finds him contact this person i don't know who doesn't want him and clearly doesn't have their *!@$ together. The also originally got him all his shots, but i have no proof- they have all the paperwork (they have told my friends they have it somewhere). How am i supposed to take my dog to get the information on the chip changed? Won't they suspect that i stole the dog?
Since you have no proof of vaccinations you'll need to bring your dog in to get them again. Most communities only require proof of rabies, so you should only have to get that one.

While you are there you can have the vet scan the chip. If it doesn't give you information as to what company the chip came from, it'll at least give you the number.

The two most common chip types are the HomeAgain chip and the Avid chip. With the number you will be able to call them, and match the records with the dog. They will be able to change the information for you. You may need to explain the situation to them.
The microchip has pre-coded information on it, not an individuals contact information.

Here are some links to determine what to do next.

Good Luck!
It's not a problem.

Take him to your vet. They will scan the chip and find out what company it is.
They will have the info you need to send in to the company to change.

My vet notified the chip company for me.

Does he have a current rabies tag on his collar?
If so, it will tell you if he was immunized.

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