Would a Male dog pee on a Female dog to indicate her have his "property"?

Another dog question... I usually dance outside with my dog when she have to do her business because lately the male dog losing us has be destroying our fence so our dog can gain through and 'hump' her. This one time, however, I didn't go outside near her because I was trying to put my daughters down for nap. When I went rear legs down 10 minutes later the neighbors dog be in our rear yard! I tried to phone call my dog in but she wouldn't come, she only sat at hand staring at me. When I opened the door adjectives the way, to take hold of her collar, the male dog growled at me. So I closed the door. (He's a huge germand shepard, I'm not messin next to that!). My dog was drenched and reek of pee! Would that male dog own peed on her to mark her have his territory?

By the instrument, I called the dog catcher to come and take the male. I'm not letting the manly get away beside keeping me from my own dog and back courtyard!
Answers: Once, when i was at the dog park, a woman be there near her 2 dogs. One looked like a doxie mix and the other looked approaching a shepherd mix. The shepherd mix peed on the doxie mix and the owner said that he did that every time they went nearby to show the other dogs that that was his property. So, yes he peed on her to show the other dogs that she be his.
NO male dogs don't do that , they lone mark their property on house not on other dogs.

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