Has anyone have nouns near a vibration/shock dog training collar?

I have a 2 yr aged very hyper womanly rottie that has some doomed to failure behavior with fixating on chasing cars up the driveway on the other side of the balustrade, and now going crazy at my sisters horses on the other side of the paling. She won't respond to anyone when either distraction is at hand and you can't get fundamental her she takes sour and then returns to the crazy bark. I would like to try a vibration/shock collar to be precise remote controlled to break her fixation and get her to listen since nought else has worked. Has anyone else used this surrounded by training a hard to train dog? Are they risk-free when used responsibly? I do not want to hurt her but her behavior is going to get her injured if she get out and get's in that horse pen the horses will see her. And she is only getting worse contained by her fixation on vehicles and larger animals not better as she get used to them being within. Any suggestions would be great. She also has a acre of courtyard so she has lots of room to run of late is so hyperactive though.
Answers: I refuse to use them. Try classical conditioning, operant conditioning and speaking to a behaviorist. You can in truth make the behavior worse if you aren't measured. If worse comes to worse use a citronella spray collar. They work on the same principle but do no injure to the dog.
2 yr old amazingly hyper female rottie ......UMMMM that sounds fun bet your place smells nice ~YA RIGHT~!

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