6 and a partly months boxer farts to much no thing be she is at or doing?

i feed her eagle pack chicken and rice dry food simply. she gets no table waste at all. no teats because she seize the loose stools no bully sticks then she get diarreia . i am always watching her her every move and what she is doing at adjectives times so i keep her close to me similar to a shadow what else can i do for nasty farts.?? when i can not surpervise her i put her contained by her crate with tough toy to chew on. we enjoy no plants in out support yard it is adjectives rock desert landscaping. i hold change her food for the third time. first it be wellness puppy then it be eagle pack holistic puppy now we are are on our third eagle pack dry chicken and rice for puppies. she will be 7 months on jan 15 2008 i can not alter her to adult food till she is 9 months elderly so i have roughly speaking three months to go.
Answers: It's not really what you are feed her, Boxers fart as bad as they snore. It's a breed trait hahaha! The singular thing wrong next to your dog is the breed hahaha! I have a 5 year elderly female boxer and she farts ALOT. It's a Boxer entity, no worries! :-) Boxers are AWESOME! I'll always hold one, such hilarious personality! I love mine to death!
I've have Boxers all my existence and they all farted like mad and most of them snored. They were freshly very gassy dogs. But greatly loving little clowns. You gotta take the virtuous with the desperate.

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