I enjoy a 10 month infirm puppy. He be playing beside a frog out side. He started to rub his eye's until they be

Answers: Toads secrete a protective "juice" explicitly an irritant and in some types (Bofu I believe, within Florida) highly toxic. If the dog mouths one, adjectives types of foam will come out. I'd squirt some saline eye wash (desighned to mop up out the goo) in the eyes afterwards observe for a while. If it appears to attain worse or even no better, I'd make an appointment near my vet.
Was it a toad? They secrete some sort of foul-tasting something when they are surrounded by danger. My dog have picked them up before. There be foaming and rubbing his face and everything. Just furnish him plenty of fresh clean dampen to wash his mouth out next to. If you notice any symptoms approaching vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding, or anything just beckon your local vet's office.
"until they be..." PUFFY? SWOLLEN? RED?

I'm guessing he probably played with a poisonous multiplicity of frog.

I'd take him to the vet if I be you.
"I have a 10 month antediluvian puppy. He was playing near a frog out side. He started to rub his eye's until they were"

Umm... I don't get that cross-examine.
Nothing to worry just about, it was probably a defense tactic from the frog to escape. he probably give your puppy a dose of repellent. wash your dogs eye out every little while and it should attain better. Try to get him to a vet for a checkup as i dont know how leathal the repellent be, but generally frogs trying to escape release a fruitless tasting, bleak smelling liquid spray so that the animal that have caught them will release them.
rinse his eyes out with reheat ,clean marine. if he starts drooling alot or being sick hold him to the vet! most frogs and toads are poison to other animals
Until they were what? Come on.. you can't vacate me in suspense approaching this..

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