What can you do when the neighbor's dog won't stay out of your yard?

Talking to the neighbor didn't help. They allow the dog to run free. It likes to jump on you and nip at you. It even put a hole in my daughter's skirt. The dog is in my yard everyday. I even found poop in my yard next to my front porch. The dog aggravates my dog and my kids. It almost got hit by the cars that drive down the street. The problem is we live right outside the city limits so the dog pound wont come and get it. What else can I do? Everytime I come outside my house, I have to shoo the dog out of my yard and it's so annoying.
Call the police and determine what legal action you can take. Do you belong to a home owner's association? Contact them. Tell your neighbor that the next time the dog trespasses or disturbs your family, you will take him to the pound yourself. If none of the above work, put up a fence. I believe you can also purchase "dog repellent" for your yard. You may want to try that.
put up a fence
u have to tell the neighbors that the dog keeps comming to ur yard and won't stop. if he doesn't obey. get fences or call the police!
sue them or call the cops or flick them off
Antifreeze No just kiddin we had a similiar problem that the dogg kept coming over and trying to attack my wifes poodles so we basically talk to the owner and came to a understanding.. I would be pretty upset if my kids came home with scratches or any other injury due to the owners neglect
Both of you should have a fenced-in yard. You'll have to tell him "S-C-R-A-M!!"
I know this isn't very cooth, but it seems like your situation is unfortunate - I would totally try to make them undestand the seriousness of their dog nipping at your child.
If that doesn't work - could you pleasantly inform your neighbors that you have a pest problem and will be putting out poison?

I mean - a) you don't have to do anything at all, and b) if you leave something - ask a pet store for some really icky stuff that will make him less likely to come around your house. I'd honestly consider turning the hose on him - if the neighbors complain, let them know that you need to be able to water your lawn when you want to, without worrying about their animal.
shut it in your basement for a few days.
fences make good neighbors...perhaps they'll split the cost of the section of fence that both your properties share/border.
that's an easy one you have two choices, one, go to home depot or similar store, ask them for a motion sensor sprinkler head. Hook it up to a hose and put it in your front yard, set it so it only hits your yard. When it senses motion in front of it, it turns the sprinkler on for a minute or two, scaring the dog/cat out of your yard. Or, two, fence the yard.
All the dog wants is to be friends. If you can establish that, then you can teach him how to act around you. Unless he gets run over first.
Call the county sheriff. Just because your outside the city limits don't mean your neighbor don't have to control their dog. Especially if it's biting.
Do you have a fenced yard? You can put an electric fence up to keep the dog from jumping into your yard. We had to do this when a neighbor's dog kept jumping into our yard.

I would contact your county or town police or whoever is in charge of your area and ask them what to do if the dog pound won't take the dog... for instance, whether the police could come out and talk to the neighbor about the dog.

Also, you can check out local rescue organizations-- the city pound isn't the only option for rehoming a dog.

And this dog sounds like it likes your family better than its own family and is starved for attention and stuff to do, which is pathetic. And admittedly, if the owners don't care if their dog gets hit by a car, can you blame the dog?

Why don't you umm befriend the dog? Do you know how to train a dog with treats? You can turn and walk away when it jumps on you, and say huh-uh. You can work on having the dog recall to you for treats and praise, to get it away from your kids and dog.

Remember, you can use this as an opportunity to model to your children how to resolve conflict and solve a problem.

By and by you can catch the dog and put it in a doggy rescue-- if you have to, claim it wandered in your yard (which is true enough), and you don't want the dog around.

I bet you the neighbors never even ask what happened to their dog. The dog doesn't sound like a bad dog, just a very hyper dog that needs training and a better home than it has, which I think is why you're so annoyed in the first place ;).
you know, when i was small our neighbors dogs did the same thing, always scaring me. so after my dad talked to them about it, and they just blew them off, my dad went and got a bunch of kyan pepper and sprinkled it everywhere, i mean everywhere! dogs cant stand the smell. it makes them sneez and rub their snouts on the ground. it sounds mean, but it is tottaly harmless to them, it will not hurt them. but they will eventually stay out of your yard. plus the kyan wont harm your yard. any type of pepper will work, but kyan is the best. the other option is carry a spray bottle or hose them down! if the owners wont help you with their dogs, then they wont mind if their dogs come in thier house wet.! good luck
In most places there are leash laws. If there are leash laws where you live, tell your neighbor about it and say that you don't appreciate the dog running free, going in your yard, and jumping up at you or your daughter. If the neighbor really doesn't care, I'd recommend taking drastic action and calling the police to see if they can do anything about it. People who allow their pets to run free and almost get hit by cars shouldn't have them.
I take it you called a "city" pound. Call your /county/ Animal Control or dog pound.

Before calling the AC or the pound, write a letter to the neighbors reiterating what you've previously said. Which I assume is you do not want the dog in your yard, it is a 'nuiscance' animal, and it is dangerous for both neighbors and the dog. Give it the few days to make it through the postal system, see if you get an answer. (mind you - it's smart to keep a copy of this letter) If not - call the AC or pound. Be sure you fully explain this situation. They will know what the laws, your rights, and what they can do. From there - they will decide if they will come out.

They may fine the neighbors, they may take the dog in as a 'stray' or 'nuscainse' (sp) animal. They may not have the right to do anything.

About the fence thing - myself, I think it's ridiculous if someone has to put a fence up for someone else's dog. That is not right. If the owner can't be bothered to have a fence, they must take responsibility and supervise the dog when it's out. It is not your dog, not your responsibility, you did not sign on to care for that particular life. To have to assume said responsibility is . . . .well, asinine.

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