What dog has most jaw pressure?

There was a very similar question as this a few days a go. Look up the answer there. it is very interesting.
May I ask why you would like to know?
I have no idea!
Maybe German Shepard..a rottweiler...uhh...?
pit bull
Hopefully, this myth has been relegated to an urban legend where it belongs. No canine has a locking jaw - it is a physical impossibility for dogs.

There is no accurate test to measure the PSI (pressure per square inch) of a Pit Bull or any other breed of dog. It has been shown that other breeds of dogs actually may (as there still is no conclusive test) have a harder bite. So, then why is it sometimes difficult to get a Pit Bull off of another creature? Well, the short answer - that is what they were bred for.
i'm thinking a pitbull
Ive heard that pit bulls do and i know they can exert about 300lb.s of pressure in one bite.
Japanese Tosa Inu
As far as I know it is the American Pitbull. My mother had one when she was a teenager and my grandmother had a breaking stick, that's the only way to break their grip.
Rottweilers. and I have a video to prove it.

The National Geographic Network's Dr. Brady Barr recently had a documentary on the bite pressure of various animals, in which bite pressure was measured in pounds per square inch using a special "bite meter". He tested three breeds of domesticated dogs that had all been trained to attack on command-an American Pit Bull Terrier, a Rottweiler, and a German Shepherd. Of the three, the WEAKEST bite was from the Pit Bull, a puny 123 pounds per square inch, though it certainly appeared that he was giving it his all. The Rottweiler had the strongest bite by far, over 600 pounds per square inch! Interestingly enough, the African Wild Dog's bite was even stronger than the Rottweilers, although those dogs are only about the same body weight as a Pit Bull, around 50 pounds, much smaller than a Rottweiler. The only biter on the show whose bite pressure was weaker than the Pit Bull's was a HUMAN! The strongest bites belonged to the SpottedHyena and the Alligator Snapping Turtle, both of which topped out at over 1,000 pounds per square inch, and the Hyena was a baby that didn't even have its adult teeth yet!

Scientist tend not to take too seriously measurements of animals' bite force, though, since you really cannot be sure that the animal actually is biting with all it's got, or holding back.

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