A perfect first dog to own for a first time owner.?

I am looking for a good first time dog breed. Nothing hyper and environment sized. I am 12 and my sister is 8. Can someone help me?
Answers: Go to this site to donate you an idea of what would suit your lifestyle and what you're prepared to put in http://us.iams.com/iams/en_US/jsp/IAMS_P...

When you bring back the results, go to your local shelter and find a mix dog with one or more of the top recommendation in it. That route, if you really want say... a lab, and your sister requirements say a... german shepherd you can catch the best of both worlds.

BTW, both breeds I mentioned are very smart and train immediately. Great with kids and are soothing when indoors, but need closely of exercise.

Happy hunting and remember, if this is your dog, then don't give your parents with 100% of the responsibility. Dogs are loyal and will attach themselves to who purloin care of them the most.
golden retrievers they are the best dogs my moms friend have like 3 they dont enjoy temperments and they are playful and sweet!

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