110 lb lab?

we got a chocolate lab somewhat while ago. he has akc papers and comes from a outstandingly recommended breeder...
but he is 11 months old and weigh 110 lbs and is skinny as a twig.
i thought he would max out at 65 lbs. but i was wrong!!!
Answers: LOLOL! that is to say AWESOME! THe last being posted she was complaining that her 9 mth choco lab be too small!! THey grow well into 2 yrs. Don't verbs, training is the key and don't be afraid of his size. My Germ Shep is 125 lbs and the most docile dog ever! He will slow down, calm down, zilch to get upset over. Once he hits 1 yrs antediluvian, switch his food SLOWLY to adult food. I would recommend Pedigree since it's not overly expensive, it have great vitamins in it. I use the Weight Management which they love. Don't verbs about him man thin. My friend have a female Choco lab and she is outstandingly FAT and looks horrible! Be thankful you enjoy a very righteous line of labs, i see some that are awfully tiny and ugly, yours sounds lovely! Send a picture! (oh, btw, my Shepherds "parents" were 65 lbs and the father be 90 lbs. All the pups grew to be 130-150!! So it can skip a generation)
Sounds like he's not as purebred as you chew over he is. I'd bet good money that there's some Great Dane surrounded by there.

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