4 sunshine matured puppy... extremely small be not feed next to MOM, bigger pups?

were not letting him.. Took him surrounded by... how do I feed him? So far solitary managed to return with him to drink a few drops of milk from bottle.

Any help appreciated!


You can supplement near puppy formula from the petstore but make mom nurse!!

Have you hold him checked for a cleft palate??

This has happen before beside our puppies.

We always took the mom and small pup and put them within a place away from the others for a while. That way the small puppy can nurse and the bigger ones wont carry in the passageway. Do this as long as it takes for the little one to achieve bigger.
to gain the weight try buttermilk and little one food lamb or chicken use a medience dropper but also don't forget when it is done eating to wipe its but so it pees and poops near a warm cotton orb
try the puppy milk u can buy
but for our pups that where not getting hold of or eating we used the buttermilk and newborn food
Check with a vet to produce sure it's health is ok. Get puppy replacer. You may own to use an eyedropper for the first couple of weeks. Their stomachs are not very big and they solely need a small amount every 2-3 hours.

include: You don't actually wipe it's butt, you transport a warm slimy washcloth and try to mimic it's mothers tongue. Good point though, at this age they do not have the basic muscles to evacuate on their own, they need to be stimulated into it.
Baby formula or simalac.

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