When is a pitbull ready to breed?

i have a red nose mix whith a blue pitt and when i drive around to gastation etc and people ask me if i want to breed him i would like to but i dont no the time that he should start hes about 10 months now help
2 years. and after he has finished his CH in te show ring and after he passes all his OFA tests!
he is probally old enough now
He should be neutured. Too many puppies and dogs being abandoned as it is.
do you really want to add to the pet overpopulation?
each year millions of dogs are euthanized becuase there arent enough homes (1 million pit bulls euthanized yearly)
go to any local shelter and you will find at least a couple pit bulls
and you dont know what this "breeder" at the gas station is going to do with the pups
get your dog fixed he will live a longer healthie life.
Some time after birth and before Michael Vick
If you do not know the answer to that question. Then I would say you should not breed him... This is why dogs and cats are filling up the shelters and being miss treated. People seem to think that any one is able to breed there Dog.. So think long and hard about what you want to do. Why do you want to breed. If its just for money then I would personally say you should not do it. You should have your dog fixed..
Dont breed your pit for a bunch of people you meet at a gas station! They probably just want to fight them. Neuter your dogs or else they will probably steal them from your yard anyway. Please leave breeding to professionals. This keeps dogs like pits from falling into the wrong hands and you obviously dont sound like you know what you're doing. Please neuter your dog to keep him safe and healthy.
Unless you have pure bred AKC dogs and are going to breed to make the breed better, do NOT breed. Pits have a bad reputation and are everywhere. Just today there were 15 pitbulls up for adoption at the shelter I volunteer for. Most are purebred. And most will be put to sleep because nobody wants them.

And 10 months is way too young to breed!
If hes humping anyones leg, Hes ready! My grandson has a red nose about 10 months old and just fathered 10 puppies.They are great,beautiful dogs.
Please just get him neutered. There are SO many pit bulls in shelters getting euthanized because they get cage aggressive after being there so long or the shelter runs out of space. Do you know how much of a bad reputation pit bulls have? How can you guarantee the people you give those puppies to won't try and use them for fighting or something else? or that they won't somehow end up like that eventually? Why not just love the dog you have and not make more dogs that will be born into a world where there arent many homes for them
NEVER EVER! This is a breed that very uncaring, and incapable people love to own. Look around at how many unintelligent people are attracted to this tyep of dog and that is bad for all involved
This is a VERY bad Idea!! You do not want to breed your dog with someone's dog who you met at the gas station!! Pit Bulls are so overpopulated. If you walk into your local animal shelter or animal control you will find a ton of pit bulls who are already looking for a home. You don't want to add to this population of unwanted pit bulls. I know you think your dog is absolutely beautiful, or maybe even feel you can get a lot of money for studding him out, but this is not the best idea for him, or his puppies. And there are a lot of things that go into breeding dogs. All large breed dogs are at risk of hip displasia. A responsible breeder always has their dog's hips and elbows x-rayed and examined by a vet before they would even consider breeding their dog. They also have them examined for other health issues. This goes for the owner of the male dog, as well as the owner of the female dog.

And what happens to the puppies after you breed your dog? Would they end up in neglectful homes? Would they end up in an animal shelter if they don't find homes? Would they be sold to people who fight dogs? You don't want your dog's puppies to end up in the wrong hands that might give this breed an even worse reputation than it already has.

Have you considered getting your pit bull neutered? Neutering your male dog has a lot of health benefits. It will reduce chances of prostate cancer, and other types of cancer. And It will also help lower aggression that your dog may have with other male dogs.

I have a female American Pit Bull Terrier who I adopted from the animal shelter. She was one of 8 pit bulls who were there when I adopted her. I Love Pit Bulls, and I know what wonderful companions they are. But I think that breeding should be left up to the professionals, the reputable breeders. And I think breeding your dog with some person's dog you just met would be a terrible idea for your dog, and for your dog's puppies.
1.5 - 2 years is when a male dog is mature enough to produce a healthy amount of sperm. However are you ready to allow your male to mount a female in season and risk getting bitten when they attack each other because they are "attached". This is a very important decision to make as a pet owner... Do you coexist with you pets or are you a breeder? If you are going to breed, have you gone through conformation of your sire, obedience training, temperament testing, and health exams that scrutinize hips, elbow, eyes, hearing, and other genetic issues that are prone to occurring in your breed? These are all things that are IMPORTANT before adding to the pet population, especially since you may end up poisoning the gene pool more than it already is in most breeds.
You should breed him if he has excellent bloodlines, at least two years of age, has been shown and proven himself in the show ring, has had all genetic and health tests completed, is a perfect example of the breed, has great qualities to contribute to the breed, you've done TONS of research, realize breeding isn't as simple as putting Fluffy and Fido together, are prepared to extensively screen potential homes to prevent any illegal use for the puppies, and take time to look on http://www.petfinder.com and in shelters in your area to see how many pit bulls are ending up in shelters waiting for a loving home. Do you know how many poor pit bulls are waiting for someone to come along and take them home? Unfortunately, they have such a bad reputation that people usually pass them in the kennels. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT breed your dog. Get him neutered and don't breed any more unnecessary litters of pit bulls.
A responsible breeder doesn't just breed because others want them to. A responsible breeder has their dog tested and certified against all inherited disabilities and other problems known to their breed. Eyes should be CERF'ed, hips OFA'ed.etc. One should never breed just to have puppies to sell. There are too many unwanted dogs out there now, responsible people do not add to the over population.

Visit any shelter and you will see the dogs that all had an owner at sometime in their life but now are facing an uncertain future. Many in our area are pit bulls. Just being a red nose does not guarantee that the puppies will all get 'life time' homes and not end up in a shelter.

A responsible breeder will be ready to take back any of the dogs they produced at any time in the dogs' lifetime.

There is no 'right' time to breed, the bigger question is having the 'right' reason to breed.

Why not consider neutering your dog and therefore, preventing him from ever getting prostate or testicular cancers. It will make him a much better pet and companion and that is what he is to you, isn't it?
at least wait until he is two yrs old.
but it would be healthier to neuter him, there are alot of pit puppies in shelters just waiting for a home( and will not have any luck) in the long run they will have to be put down.
Don't add to this cycle of irresponsible breeding!
just have fun with him as your pet!
Please don't breed him. There are already millions of pets being euthanized every year because of pet overpopulation. Many of them are pitbulls. I strongly advise you to rethink this. Neuter him! There are many low-cost spays/neuters available and it can also help prevent behavioral problems later on.
Do you trust the people asking you these breeding questions as to what they what to do with the pups ? They talk out the side of their mouths, believe me.

I would neuter him once he hits age 18 months; he will be fully mature. Then you can tell people, no, he is neutered.

He will keep a better temperament once neutered. People are getting afraid of any dog that THEY think looks like a pittie.

This week, I saw several beyooootiful Pitties, American Staffordshire Terriers, and American Bulldogs on the URGENT - to be killed list. Some are below.

Adopters must fill out an application. If they are not good enough to adopt from a reputable rescue, are they good enough to take care of one of your puppies? In other words, do you want sleep well at night knowing were one of your dogs went ?

Look how many Pit Bulls are given up to shelters, stray, taken to rescue groups.

Many shelters will not release Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes. This means they go in and they do not come out again; to no one, not even a Pit Bull rescue.

If someone wants a Pit Bull, rescue one that will be euthanized or one was saved from death.

Don't make the job longer or the death toll greater. Don't breed - rescue !

Write this down 20+ times on a piece of paper, and the next time you are asked, tell them to Please, please, rescue a Pit becauses 1,000's die each week.

Give them this:



From the Atlanta area under American Bulldogs look at this cutie ! -

Betty -

Baxter is awesome!

a lot of promise and he's handsome!

and Gus... big heart, big muscles !

next go to cities and type in "Pit Bull Terriers"

Atlanta, GA

try Chicago, IL

don't miss this girl - Wow !

and wanta "watch dog" look but nice with others?
no little kids and no cats !

love this guy !

she's a knockout!

URGENT rescue ! Hutch. and he's nice !
his buddy, Coal !

here's representing Dallas, TX -

starved, beaten, and still sweet in Texas:

URGENT ! like white ?

San Diego, California is full of Pit Bull and Pit mixes

can you say Handsome ?

It's the Pits Rescue has a lot of Pit Bulls rescues

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