What are some Signs that a girl like you?

i like this girl but i dont wanna ask her out even so and i just wanna know first if she like me some people (id fairly have girls answer this) give an account me what some signs are please.
Answers: -acts flirtacious
-makes contact with you and close to touching your lightly
-txting or long phone convos
-laughs profusely around you and acts kinda fun lol
-doesn't parley to other guys or does depending on the girl

mostly it depends on the girl. for a shy girl she'll be really really shy, if she's normal-ish she'll be more outgoing, and with an outgoing girl it's complicated to tell.

i freshly talk to guys i close to, flirt, and try to make connections/contact but not be annoying or overbearing. so don't be worried if she back off sometimes
as a dog... they might sniff your butt. idk...
Is she a dog? *ruff, ruff*

This is the pets > dogs screened-off area, lol.
just ask her! theres no mar in that ... ruff, ruff...
she'll wag her tail
if u similar to her u have to numeral out how she feels nearly u. and some signs are that she will always try to be around u, and when u hoof it by her she probably wont look at u even tho she wants to shes a short time ago shy. so if u want my opinion, walk 4 it and ask her out ;]
kiss you.
If they flash their jigglies, they like you. If they show up at your bedroom windowpane half in your birthday suit, they like you. If they are doing your best friend, they approaching your best friend.
If you are able to agree to her... you probably are liked ably enough to be listen to. That is always a polite sign. By the way... I am not a girl. But the TRUTH have no gender.
ask her politely her cross and try to get her no.
She doesn't pound the snot out of you when you exploit silly around her.
Is she a dog maybe?
You posted this interview in the Dog Section. You may want to repost it contained by Relationships, under Singles and Dating. I come up with you will get better answers in that.

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