1lb totally sick chihuahua puppy.?

I have a 1lb 3 mos antiquated chihuahua puppy that I bought from a breeder recently. I took him to the vet for his 12wk shots on Dec. 17. After that he started becoming slothful, lost his appetite, did not make a bowel movement for a morning and when he did it was loose foul smelling stool that progressively turned into diarrhea near blood and mucous in it. He also lost 1oz which brought him down to 15oz. All in 3 days. On Dec. 20th I took him to the vet first thing within the morning. She said it was probably coccidia, but be unable to confirm it due to the diarrhea "cleaning him out." She give him albon and he started to seem better for a few days. He be eating and his stool started firming up and loosing the foul odor. Around Saturday he started going down hillock again. So, on Sunday the 23rd I took him to the ER. The ER vet checked for parvo. He came up distrustful. There were no signs of intestinal bedbugs either. The vet put him on metronidazole for giardia. He still have diarrhea and mucous
Answers: He's having a antipathy to his vaccines.

Damn overvaccination.
Call that breeder! She or he sold you a sick puppy and that has cause you financial and emotional anguish! The least she can do is reimbursement some of the cost for the puppy and if all comes tow orst start summit all the proof you stipulation to take her to small claims court.

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