2 week frail puppy near no mother. can it die especially if it have be exposed outside?? please serve.?

i want to adopt the pup but im scared its going to die.
Answers: This is a chore not to be taken on unaided by amateurs and you have need of to get a vet involved asap or the pup will die. Young animals die incredibly smoothly up until about 4/5 weeks. However the job is not impossible and with the right guidance from a vet you can backside the pup sucessfully. It is near the age of weaning onto solid foods and should be mobile by very soon so you should be able to hold on to it alive.

Without the antibodies from it's mother's milk there is an increased risk of passing from infection caught when outside but it is too young to give a vaccination against against illness. Puppies are vaccinate at 6 months. Keep it indoor from now on and DO NOT agree to it come into contact with the ground outside or other dogs, preserve it away from cats as well if you can.
It will die if you don't capture it to the vet VERY SOON!

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