3 week weak puppy runny poop once again misunderstanding?

O.k everytime I post a question I forget to speak about you dog lovers why I have this dog. Anyway he be abandoned by his mother and the nation that were taking fastidiousness of him couldnt even afford to buy him some milk. Right now I own him drinking goats milk I just get him tonight. His stool was o.k. at first and immediately it is kind of runny I reckon it is because he hasnt eaten anything until I get him. I understand it is easier said than done for many of you to have a handle on having a dog this young at heart but I dont have 20 dollars to make available him to the humane society and I dont have the heart to bring him to the pound. So until I can take him to the vet what I am doing is going to enjoy to do. If someone can give up their uncharitable you should be better than what you are thoughts and just support me to save this puppy it would be great. And by the bearing this is hard plenty as it is I am 35 weeks pregnant love animals and will not give up on this dog despite what any of you say-so. If you want to help please take to it thank you.
Answers: Good luck with your pup and well-mannered for you for trying to save him. I've posted a knit to an article about prudence of orphaned puppies and kittens that you should take a look at - it discusses adjectives aspects of care and includes a recipe to gross your own homemade puppy formula until you can get the powdered pre-made form (which is recommended and name are included in the article).
Make sure you are stimulating the pup to urinate and defecate (also covered contained by the article).
Keep in mind that most pups this age don't hold formed stool as they are on an all fluid diet - they shouldn't have diarrhea but their stool is usually a yellowish suntan pasty consistency. It becomes formed at weaning.
Here is the connection and best of luck!
don't give him goats milk! solitary puppy formula

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