'Epagneul Breton" (French Brittany), can anyone share me how to pronounce it?

'Epagneul Breton, or French Brittany, is the kind of dog that I own, and I would like to know how to pronounce this French given name, any assistance would be great! Thanks!
Answers: EH (as in the first reminder of the alphabet)-pan-yul breh (as in "pet")-TON.

I'll see if I can find a better explanation. You could also read out "French Brittany," but that's not as fun.
I tend to go next to the english translation "Brittany Spaniel" (or more properly "Brittany" in the US). ;)

But the French pronounciation would be something close to "EH-pahn-yool breh-TOHN", I think (with the give support to of my husband who took French many years ago).

No guarantees, though. =)

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