My dog is sleeping alot more than she usually does?

is she just getting out of the roudy puppy stage or should i receive her checked out? When she is playing, she seems find. I'm newly concerned about her.
Answers: Sounds resembling she's just getting out of the puppy stage. Plus if she go outside about ten times a daytime for 30 minutes, that is probably why she is tired. Its not a problem that she sleeps adjectives the time. Dogs sleep alot. There isn't much for them to do (like there is for us) and so they sleep.
how infirm and what breed and how long does she walk respectively day?

I don`t know try a walk and see how she does, see if she lays down on the hoof it or has trouble breathing. She might bring back rejuvenated by new surroundings. but if she seem almost ready to shaky, then you knowthere's a problem.
How older is she?

Has she been getting more excercise than usual lately?

Does she give the impression of being "off" other than mortal lethargic? Eating okay, stools okay, etc?
very old is ur dog??..hs their be any loss in her appetite??..if yes...progress gt her chcked by a vet..
hope ur dog's fine..

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