23 months contained by prison for Vick, too street lamp? too much? or newly right? Sounds give or take a few right to me, considering that?

people routinely on the Houston Animal Cops show, grasp only 2 days within jail and a $500 fine for adjectives their horses to death. Vick lost his, craft, his endorsements, his homes, his pride, his adjectives, his dignity and his life. On a side-note, OJ Simpson murders 2 HUMAN BEINGS and get ZERO time in prison, except when he be housed during the trial, and Vick murders dogs and gets 2 years within prison..Do you see where I'm going near this? Are dogs more valuable after human lives?
Answers: I am amazed that a person can budge to prison for killing dogs but abortionists assassinate thousands of humans every day and gain paid for it. Amazing
Different circumstances. You can't compare these two cases.

The Judge isn't comparing dogs to society, and neither is anybody else.

Vick will probably get out EARLY on correct behavior.

I just preference he was contained by a public prison with other inmates...
Is chalk more dear than cheese?

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