Dog irritated by nettle stings.?

Hi we just took our dog out next to our horse about 2 hours ago and we go onto a bridal track and the nettles had just this minute been cut down and as lay on the track and my dog stood on them. He got stung on the pad of his paw and still now it seem to be irritating him.

How long should it take beforehand this irritation stops, he also seems to be panting loads and also scratch his feet on the floor and running around.
Is in attendance anything we can do for him and should he go and see a vet, appreciation.
Answers: You should probably take him to the vet. From what I construe the pain from nettle's is horrible. I'd at lowest give the vet a phone sounds like your puppy is impressively unhappy right very soon.
My dog got stung close to this once. It should not last too long. Can you contribute him a cool bath? Start next to the water heat and then drop the heat on his feet. That will distribute a little nouns. (Just plain water.) He should touch better by the morning.
I'm sure he is very sore, but he'll be OK. Try bathing his foot in cool wet, and you could rub in some calalmine lotion.
Maybe draw from him boots for going out riding next time?
When my dog have a reaction I put savlon (she's allergic to germolene) on the areas as recommended by our vet.. The flush and itching usually goes inwardly 20mins. If it doesn't then I thieve her to the vet.
Hi There
I am so sorry this happened and here is the sure fire course to make adjectives the irritation stop and it is so Gross and nasty but it works
Human Urine My husbands Blue Heeler have the same problem and we call the vet and he is very immensely $$$ conscience and he said do not bring him in but own Hubby go contained by a cup and soak his paw in it briefly and later move to the next
Well sheepishly we did and By Golly it worked almost immediately so Do that
I know Nasty Nasty and you are thinking is this woman sour her rocker but take it or confer on it I know it has worked for us more than once so bequeath it a try and I really hope your Pup gets some rapid relief
Good Luck to you
Respectfully Yours
My dogs take this from time to time and I use Anthisan cream which is an anti-histamine. This acts pretty like greased lightning on the nettle rash. Corti-cool is also severely effective.

Dogs can budge frantic once they have be stung by nettles but it shouldn't take too long until that time the dreadful itch disappears,
especially if you can get the anti-histamine cream rubbed within pretty soon.
Ouch! Get a washing up bowl and partially fill it near warm salt water ( roughly a tablespoon of salt ) and stand him surrounded by it. Have you got a soft bristle brush? Your wife will probably hold one! Gently brush all four pad in turn, within a sideways motion, it will help to remove the nettles spines from his pad. dry his feet and if you've get any nappy cream indoors, great, apply to all of his pad and wrap them up in bandage for a while. This will help the cream to work beforehand he rubs it all sour on your carpet ha ha. Sudocreme is also fitting, as is germolene. Aren't people undiplomatic when they cut down nettles? Its a good brief he never tripped over and got the stings surrounded by his eyes! Hope he's ok.
Try bathing in cool marine and give him a dose of anti-hystamene such as Benadril.
I've be stung by nettles and was told to use vinegar. I would dispense it a try as it will soothe him. However, he may not like the piece of it when he decides to lick his paw.
I would try a few of the alternatives given ie/ urine and cold water and anthisan cos vet bills are horrendously expensive.
Hope he's ok

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