7 week aged Pit/Boxer mix ingestion Avoderm. I am following directions but it seem close to he desires more?

Before anyone freaks out, the reason I hold a 7 week old pup is that I am fostering him for a local shelter. The Mom have 14 pups and they were draining her too much adn she be very fragile. The shelter I volunteer for brought surrounded by 9 pups of which are all surrounded by foster care.
Back to my cross-examine... It has be a long time since I had a pup this childish.. I am feeding him Avoderm according to instruction splitting it up into 3 meal, but he seems to consistemtly bee looking for more. Is this commonplace or should I be feeding him a moment or two bit more?
Answers: Start trying to feed him some can food and put the avoderm on top. So long as you are keeping an eye on his weight, if he seem to be getting skinnier, give him more, or if he is getting fatter cut him put money on.

Puppies are constantly hungry, and if he didn't get satisfactory milk when he was younger, he could be bringing up the rear a bit, so you can try another feeding somewhere surrounded by between the others.

Also, ask the others who are fostering the pups to see if they have equal problem, or a solution.
Well, puppies of a naturally massive breed will logically consume a vast amount of food to provide their geometrically expanding systems near the nutrients they need. Not have this food will stunt their growth processes, so if your puppy seems approaching he wants more, likelihood are, he knows his hunger wishes better than you do, so give him a moment or two extra and see how he responds to it. Try to avoid wet food if you can; it will mete out unnecessary diahrrea, which is an absolute stomach-ache to clean up.

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