3 questons going on for my dog?

ok well is it normall for my masculine 5 year old boxer dog to bite individuals thats around me like my friends ok im similar to the youngest in my kinfolk ( 10) and i like to invite my friends over so when they want to pet him he give them a look then bites them but not to adjectives and the vet checked his heart and he bit him!! i mean wow.. and 2 is my dog ( same one) have hip displeshia and when like say aloud a box is in front of him he wont move he will whine and stay in attendance until its moved! lol and 3 my dog stays in the kitchen (because of fleas)and when he hear me laugh or settle he whines why??
Answers: Well First-Your dog bits because he is protecting you. Buy a muzzel and a right strong collar. When people come over to your house and want to pet him, put on the muzzel and hold the collar tight. Then permit people pet him. He will soon cram people lately want to say hi and soon the muzzel can come rotten when people come over. The muzzel is individual there to preserve people from getting hurt
Second- i dont really know how to answer this one but if your dog have hip problems he proboly cant step over it. Try to exercise him to strengthen his hips.
Thrid- Your dog wines because he want to see you. Your his owner and your probily his favorite person so when he hear you he wants you to pet him or play next to him.

I hope i helped! Have fun near your dog
Its not normal for a dog to bite general public who are being nice. Take him to assent classes so he learns manners.

Maybe he doesn't similar to boxes...

If you dog has fleas, contribute him Frontline every month. Fleas carry diseases, and a moment ago because you keep them contained by the kitchen doesn't mean it hasn't spread to the rest of your house. Fleas stay on furniture 90% of the time and 10% of the time on the dogs.
okay he probally bites ur friends because theyre near you and he doesnt close to it and as for the box thing it probally hurts him to move it (stuff close to that is adjectives if you have a big dog) and he whine when he hears your voice because he desires you to come play with him or show him some attention..hope this help

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