I don't think that its serious. It will probably pass in the dog's stool. Most candles are made from beeswax because of situations like this that can happen. Some kids may try to eat candles, too.
you should see if he throwup or not and see if hes feeling good.
if not than i think u should see the vet he start throwing up really bad.
Ring your vet straight away for advice.
Nothing - it will pass (If you know what I mean) Unless it was heavily scented don't worry about it.
You should call your vet to double check but I think as long as he chewed it up, it'll come out the other end. It's the dye and perfumes that may sicken him.
Nothing will happen. He will poop it out, no worries. OK
It will pass just fine, it will be OK... really
Don't give him a match! Seriously, unless it was one of the highly scented ones, he should be just fine. If it WAS a scented one, I'd say call the vet just in case.
a human can eat a candle and nothing would happen, their wax, which is none toxic. just make sure he/she doesn't eat anymore things that aren't food
No offense, but when I read that question I laughed my *** off!!

Okay, like everybody has said already, he'll be fine, unless it had a real strong scent. Then it would be wise to call a vet. If you're still worried, on almost everything it says what to do if it gets swallowed or inhaled.
Candle wax is non toxic, so unless he ingested large pieces that could cause a blockage, he's fine. Just watch him to make sure it passes okay.
You can just wait for it to pass but if you are worried, give your dog some hydrogen peroxide. It will make him throw up. My vet had me do it when my dog ate a whole bag (plastic and all) of Hershey's kisses. I remember asking how much I should give and all he said was "You'll know when". I started pouring it in my dog's mouth and he puked it all up. I have had friends, with different vets, tell them to do the same thing for their pets. It works on cats too. My best friend's cat ate some batteries and this got them out.
Ha sorry, I don't really have an answer for you... just watch him, make sure he doesn't throw up, and see about taking him to the vet.

But hasn't your dog eaten a few things he's not supposed to eat? Ha, seems like I've seen you post a few questions starting with "Help, My dob just ate a .."
Well what you do is wait for these signs.

1. your dogs tummy is gurgling
2. your dog wont eat
3. it throws up
4. if it looks weak and will barely move call your vet!

Call your vet if he has any/all of these symptoms. But my Sisters dog eats stuff thats not food all the time but never a candle.
But i did reaserch so just wait for those signs. Its most likely nothing but just to be sure look for these symptoms.
If the candle has been gulped then you need to get it checked from the Vet, mabbe he gets an X-ray done, because wax won't get churned or melt like food in our stomach. I recommend you not to take any chances. The candle can get stuck in his peloric end of the stomach, like a piece of bone. If you are sure your dog chewed it then I think you should give him a laxative to pass out the candle.
Call the vet
Call your vet and ask. There are chemicals in candles (for the color, scent, etc). You shouldn't take chances by waiting. Sometimes waiting for signs of illness or reaction from eating something results in damage that cannot be reversed.
Err on the side of safety and call your vet or the vet's after hours emergency number.

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