A couple question going on for my dogs?

My 1st question is how can you explain to a dog's age? I got my dog from a shelter & he have some signs that he may be older than they told me. He have a bladder problem, & sometimes he walks around and only randomly bark once or twice. (He never barks unless someone is at the door) I caught him bark at the couch the other day, so I am thinking he may enjoy a sight problem, although his eyes look immaculately normal. I hear you can tell from their teeth/gums, but his are particularly clean (i brush them every night).
My other interrogate is more of a situation. My nieghbor & I share a very close front courtyard, and his dogs had worms. I found this out AFTER my dog have already got them as ably. (from his dogs most likely) I treated him with a Wormer bought at a local pet store, but i didnt receive rid of them all. I am taking him to the vet monday and plan on boarding him (we're going out of town) on Fiday. Will his worms be gone by afterwards? Should I tell the place I am boarding him? Will they still board him?
Answers: 1st press, you can tell a dogs age, by his teeth above all. Otherthan that its tough,.
2nd question, YES report the place youa re boarding him at b/c they are probably NOT gone and other dogs could catch the worms, the place where on earth you are boarding him should be able to treat him near the approp[racte dewromer. There are several differnt kinds b/c near is about 5 different kind of worms. The over the counter stuff usually doesnt get rid of them, so i would relay your vet and the place you are boarding him and they should be gone by the time you get pay for.
Hope this helped a bit.
Okay, if you get him from a shelter, they probably gave you an age field. Also, he may have be neglected before you get him, thus aging him faster.

He may be able to hear something you don't. Is your neighbor's house adjacent to yours? He could hear something from their house and be reacting to it - especially if the couch on that wall.

As for worms, I'd bid the boarding facility and let them know, every place have different policies. I'd also let them know that he's going to the vet Monday. They may skulk to make a edict to hear what your vet has to speak.

My lord...where be this shelter? The poor babies...
It could be that the shelter didn't know his age and guessed. Or they could've shaved some years off to product him more appealing to adopters. You can tell by their age by the teeth. Dogs lower than 18 mo typically have remarkably bright white, sharp teeth. The vet can judge this.

The wormer from the store doesn't execute everything. They can take a fecal taster and test it at the vet.

Yes, I contemplate you're right about his breed!
The wear and rip on a dogs teeth will ofter give a Vet an notion about the age of the dog. It's ballpark at best- but they should enjoy an educated guess.

Worms- probably not. Often they lug 2 or 3 "cycles" to kill them adjectives. I don't know if your dog will still be allowed to stay- but most places would I think and even administer his meds for a small charge.
in some breeds its concrete to tell the age, the vet can speak about right away but i wouldn't give the dog toothpaste because it could be toxic to them, they hold this doggy bones for teeth and special doggy toothpaste, give it a try.

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