3 chihuahua din!?

We have an extra chihuahua till christmas. She be given up by a family and we found a home for her. Anyways she is totally queen like. She think that she is better than our other dogs she fights for the attention and expects adjectives of it to be on her. and for some reason think that she belongs in the house. (we hold a garage that is heat so don't go adjectives "there inside dogs" on me)

same go with everything food, adjectives three beds, ect.

any tips?
Answers: Just save telling yourself 'lately ____ more days' and tolerate it. You could train it out of her but IMO it'll take more time to train her than you'll enjoy her

She is going to be an only child at her exotic house right?
Well I love chihuaua's so all I can speak is chihuahua's are like that and they a moment ago need to win to know eachother.

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