12-13 year out-of-date yorkie jump at dog food "crunch"?

Recently, when my 12-13 year old Yorkshire Terrier eat, he jumps as soon as he take the first "crunch" of his hard dog food. At first I thought the hubbub was scare him. He has other been sensitive to loud noise (ex. hiding from the vacuum, jumping when someone make a loud noise, etc). Then someone suggested that conceivably that initial bite of the food is painful, and that he wince. I have thought just about this, and I don't think so (Wouldn't he not want to chomp through if eating be causing him aching? He always eat.). I attributed this new skittishness to behind the times age, but wouldn't an older dog be losing his audible range, instead of becoming more skittish/sensitive to certain noise? Do you think this is antediluvian age, or something more serious that should be checked by a vet?
Answers: as a dog ages, his gums become more sensitive, giving more risk of teeth and gum disease. since he's 12-13 years of age, he is really at risk of gum disease and you should take him to the vet and ask them nearly this.
no he knows he wishes to eat and he requirements to eat it does probably hurt lift him to the vet. As dogs age so do their teeth. Have your vet check his teeth. It may just be a small cavity.

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