**i bought a pup and want to engineer my own puppy food want to tender my dog best start**?

hi all i bought a puppy that hasnt have a good start to energy...so can i make my own puppy food instead of those puppy biscults etc..at the moment i dont mind spending on fresh lamb/chicken any food that will produce my dog a nice chunky healthy dog..anyone any recipies that will clear my pup healthy and chunky once elder...thanks too adjectives that answer
Answers: There is one WONDERFUL breeder of Malamutes and Cavaliers i know cooks her dogs food specially rather than feed shop-brought dog food. Since she started doing this. all the animals coat and nonspecific health have improved amazingly.

For respectively Cavalier they recieve Half a cup of veg, Half a cup of meat (a different one each day)and a small amount of rice or pasta or something similar. And she add a small amount of milk or an egg every few days. All of this is cooked {often using sunflower oil} and left to cool, and the dogs adjectives love it!

She feeds this diet from as soon as they are properly weaned and i individually support it totally and have see the positive effects.

Feel free to send me a message or email me if you would approaching any information on this diet.
Dogs need a fair diet. To give your puppy the best start buy a superior puppy food that has proper amounts of protein, calories, and vitamins contained by it. Just giving your dog meat will not make it fit.

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