10 Month frail Lab mix; A lot of vomitting/dia.?

He's had adjectives of his shots, including wormer treatments, heart worm prevention, flea and allergy treatment. This is not a side effect of any medication. He has be throwing up off and on. He does not put away human food, regularly. He is not used to it. The first time this happen, my dad had feed him turkey meat from Thanksgiving. He was sick for two days, but be fine after.
We have two other dogs, who are used to human food, and are not sick at adjectives.
Last night, we come home to a mess. There also hadn't been anyone home, for an hour or so. We cleaned it adjectives, he still acted fine... we left and come home a few hours later to an even larger mess. He uses the restroom outside, and be crate trained, and doesn't have accident in the house.
1. Should I still be feed puppy formula dog food? We have feed him the same brand since we get him, but we recently switch from Puppy formula (Healthy Growth for puppies) to Original. (All Beneful)
2. Could this be a frantic issue?
Answers: Stop all the individuals food. Have Mom and Dad go to the vet with you. Next spawn sure that he is healthy. Sometimes dogs procure pancreatist. Have him checked over. And now for the big P word, yes it is parvo. Most plausible he does not have it because of have all of his VAX. However near is a slight chance that he could. I would step to the vet with this one.
But, if you want to continue it out... Do not feed him any piece for 24 hours and no water for 12. Start him spinal column with small amounts of hose. After 24 hours of no food give him a small amount of boiled chicken and rice for 2-3 days. DO NOT SEASON THE chicken and rice. It must be bland. If he continues next go to the vet.
I'm not really sure going on for the thumbs down thing. But because this is my job I'm fairly sure that I know what I'm chitchat about.
At 10mos prehistoric your pup is still devolping and still needs adjectives the vitamins and minerials that are added to puppy food. Depending on who gave your pet his vaccines (I assume it be your vet) sometimes the vax can be started too soon. Breeders are known to do this. If the vaccines be not given on a timley schedule consequently there can be some breaks within the protection. Are all of his toys accounted for? Are you or your parents missing socks or any other item of clotheing? Are you sure in that is nothing that he could own eaten contained by the yard?
These are newly some of the other questions that I would enjoy asked if you had come to my clinic.
(Sorry give or take a few any misspellings. Tried to use spell check, it was packed up.)
I had impossible to tell apart problem.
Its hard to let somebody know when a dog is used to one kind of food or not.
It could be that you feed him human food. If you've fed him puppy formula since the initiation, give him that for in a minute. Gradually give him bit by bit human food. (though ham is foolish. ham has a course of going wrong with dogs, unless thats what they've be eating since birth. Roast beef seem okie though)
there could be various things.

1. you could be feeding him too much at one time

2. the human food you've given him could be too rich

3. he could hold a food allergy

find out your puppy's current weight and parley to your vet about how much food he should be drinking for the entire day. Then split that amount up to be given to him over 2 or 3 feedings through the light of day.

Also watch that the food you are giving him isn't too rich, it could be upsetting his stomach.

Make file of what you are feeding him, how much, and what times of hours of daylight he eats. If he continues to vomit, rob him to the vet and have him checked for allergies or see if at hand is some other problem.

Good Luck!
Switching back to puppy food will not stop vomiting and diarrhoea.

This does not nouns like a nonspecific allergic problem, it sounds like a direct gastrointestinal problem. Possibly the dog have IBS, or possibly he has an infection. You should thieve him to the vet to find out what the problem is - soiling in the house is not an unusual behavioural problem, but if it's diarrhoea and if there's vomiting then the dog is unwell.


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