4 dogs = 4 baskets?

i have 4 doggies.
a german shepard mix
a maltese
a cocker spaniel mix
a chihuahua maltese mix.
so a variation of sizes.
now we hold converted our storage room into a doggy bedroom.
e still store stuff in nearby but the dogs have a salvage corner where they own their baskets.
now they are adjectives toilet trained and they all sleep surrounded by the baskets that are there.
i don't mind the theory of crating them for bed time but i just don't enjoy enough space for 4 crates especially for the biggest dog. also since they be puppies they are used to sleeping in their baskets contained by the storage room and kitchen.
they sometimes share the baskets and sometimes they sleep on their own. 2 of m dogs are very close so they sleep together contained by the same picnic basket almost every night.
immediately they have 2 big big baskets they can share but i be wondering if it would be better to have 4 regular sized baskets so everyone can enjoy their own or is it ok to have 2 big biiiig baskets for adjectives the dogs?
Answers: I have an idea that you know your dogs best and what they like.
ably if you did get 4 regular sized baskets you would probably find one or 2 not in use if they already enjoy snuggling together!

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