How infirm should a puppy be to fly on an airplane?

I am getting a puppy from an out-of-state breeder, and I have hear 8, 9, and 10 weeks old.
Answers: When I traveled near my cat in the holiday home (in her carrier, of course), I have to have citations papers from a veterinarian that must be dated within a secure time-frame before the flight. This be 3 years ago, now, so you'll want to check with your specific airline, because I own found that different airlines have different regulations as all right as different fees for things like bringing your carrier-kept pet contained by the cabin, extra kit, etc. Even licensed guide dogs require these veterinary certifications and fees.

You'll want to ask the airline:
1. What certifications do they require to bring an animal on-board with you, and how soon do they hold to be done before the flight?
2. What is their levy to bring your dog on board next to you?

You will also need an airline-approved pet shipper. NOT ALL PET CARRIERS ARE APPROVED! I lucked out on this one, because NO-ONE told me ahead of time that the carrier have to be an air-line approved carrier. I bought mine simply because I like the frame, supporting all the sides of the delivery service. Some carriers are a bit softer than mine, but I didn't want my cat smashed while she was crammed below the seat surrounded by front of me. REMEMBER, your dog will need to be surrounded by his carrier UNDER the form in front of you! You won't be allowed to remove him from his mover during the flight. The 2nd time I took my cat on a flight with me, I be REALLY lucky because the seat directly contained by front of my had something blocking me from putting the mover down there properly. Fortunately, I be traveling with my daughter and the form in front of her wasn't similar to that, and I had an alternate picking.

I hope this has help you and not added too much to your thought process. Enjoy your new puppy!
they should be something like 8-12 week is a good age for them

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