6 week behind the times black lab How lots times a year should i nurture it and do I construct it sleep alone even though she cries?

Answers: I feed my lab twice a daylight. Start out on puppy chow. This will help her growing muscles and bones. Your vet can insist on you best.

As for her crying, 6 weeks is way too babyish for to have be separated from momma. There is a commercial product that mimics a lactating momma's smell. This may help become quiet her. As for her sleeping alone, that is your give the name. My dog sleeps with me other. I just clean my sheets more often.

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I try and hold a full bowl all the time, but I don't know it thats right. My dog isn't podginess though. For the sleeping, this is what I did. I took a blanket and slept with it contained by my bed one night and next kept it in the bench that I sit in the intact next sunshine, and then try letting the dog sleep on that blanket.

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