My puppy has tape worms?

how do i get rid of them with out going to the vet like a product i can buy at pet smart or something and also can i get them if he sleeps in my bed with me ? what should i do
There are a few varieties of tapes, and you'll need a vet to do a fecal exam to be sure what medication your dog needs and how much to give. Over the counter medications are not sufficient. You should wash you hands very well when done handling the dog and before eating.
I would def. be taking your puppy to the vet. You do not want do give them something without your vets approval.

The dog sleeping with you I am not sure about. I would keep him locked in a crate for the night and then take him to the vet tomorrow.
you should go to the vet amiediatley because the tape worms can spreadf on to anything that touches the dogs but. it is also possible for you to get tape worms to from the dog.
Dogs and cats get tapeworms from eating fleas and eating rodents. So you can't get tape worm directly from your dog. Though I wouldn't recommend letting him sleep with you until the tapeworms are treated. The only treatment that I know for tapeworm is a dewormer that you have to get from your veterinarian. I don't know of any over the counter treatments. But if your dog has tapeworms, he might also have fleas. And unless you treat him for fleas also, he will continue to reinfect himself. Good flea products are Frontline Plus, Advantix, and Revolution. But you have to get Revolution from your veterinarian because it also contains heartworm prevention.
You need a wormer with Fenbendazole as the active ingredient. Not all OTC products have it. In fact most OTC wormers are trash. You have to read the ingredients on the label not the marketing comments. Tapeworms are harder to kill than the other types. They come from fleas, so be sure to keep flea products on your dog.
The OTC wormer called Safegard has Fenbendazole and so does Panacur. Not just any product will do it. You have to have this active ingredient. I don't think even ivermectin will kill them. (not sure)
Don't worry about the tapeworms. Unless you eat your dog's fleas you won't have them. And even if it is a different type of worm, in humans they show up as skin lesions. You don't see them a lot here in the west, but in poor nations you see them (like if you do a mission trip). Fenbendazole will kill all these types of worms, so just get it. It will cost less than ten dollars.
you need to buy a liquid wormer from walmart , put it in his water . done deal ,cost about $5
There are no over the counter medications for tape worm that is respected. I must advise you to take your puppy to a vet or try to find a local clinic in your area that is cheaper for treatment. Usually, you can call your local animal control office and find out about these clinics. Also, try pet supermarket, they have vaccination clinics, they may be able to assist you,
Good luck
No, that's transmittable to human, take him to a Vet. I know you can buy pin worms products with over the counter, not tape worms. Do you know how big they get? they gets about as long as your intestines would run. You got to go to the doctor yourself too. I'm sorry, I'm having goose bumps just thinking about them, I had a dog who had round worms... I can't get it out of my mind.
You need to get the worms properly diagnosed, then you can treat them properly. You should take a poop to the vet and have him check it for worms.
no you can't get tape worms from your dog. but you should take him to the vet, they will give him a special medicine which will help get rid of it. you have to pick up his droppings for the next few days, even after the medicine..the dog can reinfect themselves. take him to the vet, so he can get better soon. trying to handle it yourself is a tough task, and may not help the dog.
our pup has tapeworms. They are actually the best kind of worm to have. She got it from eating a flea, so it's not contagious to you.
You should take her to the vet and they will deworm her again. Deworming her yourself could be dangerous and is not recommended unless you have plenty of experience. Medicines to rid dogs of parasites and bugs are basically pesticides, so the improper use of them can serious harm and even kill your puppy.
Like roundworms, people can also get tapeworms, people can get tapeworms from ingesting a flea from a dog, and that is not hard, considering a flea is so small, it could easily land on your plate, or your hand and be ingested un-noticed. A tapeworm is not that dangerous to a dog, it is referred to by some as the smart parasite, but it can be dangerous to people causing serious liver disease. For further information and treatment, consult a vet immediately.

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