Why is my dog so afraid of fire??

I got my dog almost 3 years ago from the pound, she's something like 4 to 41/2 years old. She be found wandering the streets and no one claimed her. I have an idea that she was abused and possibly taunted beside fire. Whenever we have a fire contained by the fireplace she stares at it and shakes violently. She is my shadow and follows me everywhere I walk and won't leave my side but after awhile of staring at the fire she leaves the room. It break my heart to see her so worried. Is there anything I can do to backing her?
Answers: its the noice from the fire that startles her. don't worry, its run of the mill. i have a fire place as all right and my yorkie would run off underneath the dinner table and (lol) he'd cover his ears with his paw so i noticed its the cracking noice from the fire as most dogs cant stand distracting noise like those whistle made only for dogs. what you can do to backing her grow out of this is distract her while you're in the room beside her with the fire burning. distribute her a treat and let her put away it. if she doesnt pay attention to the fire or doesnt run away and freshly eats her treat, praise her and read aloud she is a very worthy dog. this will help because she'll know that the cracking noice of the fire wont do anything fruitless to her ears. make sure you're not too close to the fire place, though.
Your poor little puppy might enjoy been taunt with fire earlier. Just try to reassure her, there's not much you can do to erase dog's fears.

My dog is deathly afriad of the air conditioning vent, she's been afriad since she be a puppy and she's twelve and still cries when we go implicit them.

Hope this helped!
engender sure she stays away from the fire, she might attack it, and i dont think you want that! its great that you adopt!!

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