4 Year Old Golden Uneutered... Sexually Actin Weird?

My dog Jake is unuetered. We rescued him and didn't want to risk it. The neighbor has a womanly golden , she is a show dog. She jumps over the obstruction, digs, holes, chews fence, and get into my dog's pen. They do their thing and wahlah she's going to own puppies. Every time she has puppies she keep getting pregnant. Even if she already is pregnant she still has sex. Now his testicles are red and swollen. He constantly itches them, He enjoy that I know because if he didnt he wouldnt let her do it. The vet didnt give the impression of being to know what was wrong when i took him surrounded by. The owner doesn't care more or less her pregnancy (she gets contemplation for it and stuff the pups get homes too) The owner doesnt restain her at adjectives. I even locked him in the garage and she get in . Once I saw her lick and bite his testicles. This is rediculus and I am tired of this rediculus problem. I own turned in a report to the Animal Shelter. What can i do to stop her sex drive? Answer Quick
~Lea's Mom~
Answers: HAHAHAHA This is very funny.. You didn't want to risk him by neutering him.. Yet you allow him to breed next to a b!tch next door who is sooooo NOT a show dog... And you wonder why very soon he has picked up credible Brucellosis or something?

Ya know what.. I make sure that the mutt subsequent door isn't getting into the yard and breeding my girls.. I form sure that I am watching them when they are out there to craft sure no trash on the street is impregnating my dogs.. It's not HER imperfection.. It's both your faults.. You reported them .. for what?? Indiscriminate dog sexuality? Come on.. Neuter your dog and you won't own to worry in the order of him bringing him home disease.. Brucellosis which by the way can be contracted by PEOPLE... OOOOOPPPS...

ADD: you didn't communicate to your vet about neuter him... Cause I have have an 8 year old mannish neutered.. and 8 year matured female spayed... NOT A PROBLEM.. NO vet would litter to neuter a 4 year antediluvian male.
fix your dog.

if you can't keep hold of him from knocking up the neighbors dog, you aren't responsible adequate to keep him intact.

Edit: Your vet sucks. Neutering a 4 year outdated dog is not dangerous at adjectives, unless the vet is incompetent. I just have my 12 year old dog neuter because of an enlarged prostate and it was fine. I work at an animal shelter and we neuter about 500 dogs his age this year and haven't lost a single one.

Obviously, you are NOT responsible as you can't hold on to him from knocking up your neighbors dog.

Next time she get onto your property, take her to the animal shelter. Enough times of have to pay to bail her out and your neighbors will start keeping her contained.

EDIT AGAIN: Your vet definately sucks if they articulate 4 years old is too ancient to neuter. Either you're lying, or you own a terrible vet. Doesn't look polite either mode
Once she is pregnant she should come out of heat. Females are merely ready for breeding for around a week long twice a year.

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