"Less common" dog breeders?

For those of you breeders, specifically those that specialize in smaller amount "common" breeds (Not a Black St. Bernard, Alambre Ibizan Hounds, I'm looking in your nonspecific direction), what drew you to your specific breed(s) and what breeds do you specialize in? Just curious, I love not have the same breed as everyone else within my neighborhood and clearly you guys do too.
Answers: For me the answer is actually fairly silly. I fell in love next to Bull Terriers (the look of them anyway as I had never met one) as a juvenile. I LOVED Rick Springfield and his breed of choice was (and still is) the Bull Terrier. He regularly had his dog on his album covers and I know then surrounded by my little 12-13 year old heart that I simply HAD to have one.
I didn't truly get to get my dream into a reality for several more years. Quite frankly I could not afford one and it is a pretty closed group to try and capture into the door of. Well it was afterwards anyway. My first B.T. was a deaf mannish that we named Beowulf. He be a great dog and taught me alot going on for the breed and about natural life with deaf animal as okay. After Beowulf came Gypsy.. A clearly healthy immaculately bully B.T. in every channel... the rest is history!
eh.. When I lived in Minnesota my Bernese be relatively uncommon...

Now that I live within the Seattle area, they're moderately common.

What drew me to them be their temperament, size, work ethic and DRY mouth.
I wish you have left this ask a little more unequivocal ended to included exceptional breed owners too.
I am in the process of obtain a South African Boerboel... what drew me to the breed was the temperment, capability to be a guard dog and yet great next to family. also, though it is short haired it have a high tolerance to cold and hot weather and could even live outside if it have to. In Boston where I live, it get cold and stays cold for a long time.. so I wanted a dog that could stand it.
I needed a large working breed, but not an english mastiff as they be just too big and too slobbery. Boerboels do not slobber, but are of the Molosser domestic just resembling the English mastiff. In fact boerboels are also prearranged as African Mastiffs.
So, I guess it is less of the certainty that no one have heard of a Boerboel, or that not a soul around me has one, and more of the certainty that this particular breed encompass all my requests and needs surrounded by a dog. Trust me if I could have found my requirements and needs surrounded by a more common (cheaper!) dog, I would enjoy gotten it. Rare Breeds are not Cheap lol.
Though I am not a breeder, only a soon to be owner.. I thought this interview was interesting and considered necessary to answer.
Also, Im starring it!
We actually get our first Basset by accident - a relative didn't want him any more.

I've have other breeds, and mutts too, but the basset personality match best with mine, and I similar to their appearance too.
I loved big, hairy dogs and own always loved the hose down work. We had draft horses when I be younger, and these dogs seemed to be hugely like those horses. Calm and even temper!!! I love doing all the things that these dogs be bred to do.

I have other loved Bull Terriers too!
I don't breed, but i do have a incredibly rare dog call a Schipperke. LoL, everyone is always approaching "Hes a what? Never heard of the breed"
I love him to departure!

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