4 Month behind the times Pomchi...?

I have a four month ancient pomchi.she doesn't have thoroughly long hair close to a pomeranian, but I have see pictures of pomchi's that do. Her coat is really beginning to come surrounded by and is getting a little longer, but not significantly.Is in that any chance she'll fluff up at this age or is she pretty much going to look the track she does now? She's adorable any way...basically wondering?
Answers: Even a 4 month old pure pom doesn't enjoy alot of hair. All dogs are born practically bare. So its possible your little sweety's hair may verbs to grow.

I used to breed Maltese, and it amazed me the people that would come to see the pups at 10 wks, and ask, "I thought Maltese be supposed to have long curls?" All I could do was shake my pave the way, sigh, and explain they were born practically nude, and I thought it had grown other since then, and would verbs to do so.
Anytime you mix 2 breeds there are not standards as to how they are going to look. At 4 mos, it is possible she will fluff up for a time more but I'm glad to hear you'll love her either process! Just think...the shorter her coat, the easier grooming will be. BOL!

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