7 week antediluvian mini schnauzer growling, trying to bite when picked up or petter?

From our litter of 7 puppies. All have be handled and socialized since birth. Other 6 puppies kind, but this one growls if you pet him or whenever you pick him up. He stiffens up and I can't tell if its because he's getting protecting or because he is afraid. We are handling him more and keeping him in our lap as much as possible. We give a firm NO when he starts but a couple of times he's in reality acted as though he would bite if he could get to my hand. I'm very concerned as he is sold to a family circle with a 5 year infirm. I'm thinking he just can't travel to a child that young. I've a short time ago never encountered this problem. Mom and Dad are highly gentle, apt natured. He just get 1st shots and vet checked all is okay??
Answers: It is funny how their personality develop so young isn't it?
I would hang on to him with his litter and mom for a few more weeks to see if they can rub rotten a little more on him, and consequently that would give you more time to work beside him too. Sometimes, holding their muzzle until they stop growling and giving a little shake too. Try the alpha roll too where on earth you roll pup on back and try to capture him to lay there for a minute until he submits. Don't receive a fuss when he does it either, be consistent, be unflustered not angry. Try to disipline the way a mother dog disiplines her pups, You may pick pup up by scruff and provide a little correction. Even if he is afraid next by showing him you are his leader will serene him down.
You might want to take it to the vet, it's possible that the problem is health- realted. He may enjoy a sore tooth or injury. If he has no strength problems, try a trainer. Also, just pay no attention to him when he does it. Puppies do that sometimes. Get him some chew toys and play with him plentifully. He should stop. If he doesn't, try coaxing him with food and getting to know him better, purloin in mind, he is solitary a puppy, most puppies do nip when they're young.

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