Anyone giving away free purebred puppies?

BEFORE YOU ANSWER EAD THIS!!! My dads friend was giving away free purebred boxer puppies, and it be to late for me to acquire one, bc they were already adjectives gone. So... please don't say in that is no such thing! bc i dont want to hear it.
Answers: I enjoy heard of free purebred puppies.

One time a friend be moving to another province, and couldn't take adjectives the puppies and dogs along. They were Labs. I didn't want to enjoy a Labrador, but I took one and gave it to my cousin who be in town for a stop by, she took it back to the city.

Another time, my neighbors be giving away free purebred puppies without knowing it. They have a female German Shepherd that have puppies, and while she was contained by heat, she mate with a manly German Shepherd that lived a few driveways down. He didn't let most of the other dogs attempt to mate beside her (he fought them), but the other dogs still stayed around. My neighbors figured that their feminine mated beside a bunch of "mutts", so they gave the puppies away for free. I do profoundly of walking in my neighborhood, and I know that the male German Shepherd did most of the mate because I saw all the combat. I took two puppies from the litter, and they are now picture supreme GSDs
YIKES, I wouldn't at all be upset roughly speaking missing out on a litter of FREE supposed purebred boxers.. You can't call a dog purebred if they aren't in actual fact registered. are just annoying!.
I still hold near my last counsel. Find the breed you want and contact the national breed rescue.

If you want to show in AKC deference, agility, rally or tracking, you're right, you do involve a purebred dog. But you don't need a registered one. There is something call Indefinite Listing Privilege that allows you to register a neutered purebred dog to play these sports.

If you're tight on dosh, my best advice is to frequent your local shelters. They normally get purebreds and even puppy purebreds (occasionally). Of course the puppies travel quick. City and county shelters, though, are largely much cheaper than breeders, breed rescues or private rescues.

However, if you want to compete in AKC events, be sure you bring a knowledgeable human being to guess at the dog's breed before adopt it. I've found that some shelter people are massively good at identify purebreds and some are very fruitless. Perhaps you can take a picture (do you enjoy a digital camera or camera phone?) and send it to breed rescue. They're repeatedly the best at identifying anything breed it is they rescue.

Also check Pet Finder. Most of these rescues do charge an adoption fee, though, and copious times it's higher for the puppies. Also check the Classified Ads/Adoptable Pets. Sometimes you gain unscrupulous breeders advertising here, but you can also find relatives who have a nice young at heart dog that they couldn't keep it for anything reason (like allergies or personal medical issues). Some charge adoption fees (someone once tried to capture my to a pay $600 "adoption fee" for a byb dog!) and some are a short time ago looking for a good home for their dog.

Good luck!
You're going to enjoy a hard time finding a pure bred puppy for free. Puppies of pure breed are expensive for a use, you know! Reputable breeders have tried their best to breed defect and disease out of their animals. I wouldn't trust a free puppy if it was supposedly pure bred. It probably isn't. Plus, if you're not planning on SHOWING the dog, why does it own to be pure bred?
Please go to your local animal shelter and here you will find the pet of you dreams ! Yes !! they have purebreds !
why does it enjoy to be a boxer?
there are a million suitable dogs out there that requirement homes and die because knowbody wants them.

if dogs could tell they would say:

"i used to hold a family"
"i used to be loved"
"i used to have a home and a thaw out bed to sleep in"
"but now i live within a foster home"
"im not here because im bad"
"im here because some one gave up on me"
"you can hellp"
"you dont hold to buy me"
"but i'd like if you visit me"
"because if im here any longer my life will end"
lots of dogs die because we wernt well brought-up enough"
"your can save ym life"
please wacth its the sadest point that will make you devolution your mind

please adopt a dog from a foser home
What was wrong near the pups? Never heard of someone giving away free purebred puppies.. Sorry, don't know of any purebred Boxers one given away!!
A litter of pups are registered right after birth!!
Why would you ask a question if you don't want to hear the answer?

Purebred animals are extremely rock-hard to find for free. Sometimes you will see people giving them away on the side of the road or surrounded by a parking lot or somewhere, but I've never seen population giving away boxers. I strongly urge you to look in shelters and on get a boxer from the Mid Michigan Boxer Rescue that has show bloodlines and I presume she only cost us around $200 (which is cheap for a purebred).
Gosh your dad's friend is generous to income all the puppy shots, and registration payment on a litter just to GIVE them away. . .
People amazingly rarely furnish away free purebreds.. ussually there is some origin they cannot sell, so they enjoy to give them away to receive rid of them.

Heck alot of people put dignified price tags on mutts anymore!

If you arent planning on breeding or showing, next why does it have to be purebred anyways? Any dog make a good pet. Purebred or papers does not niggardly quality.

If you are wanting to breed or show, I importantly suggest you research and find a quality dog.. a "free" puppy is not going to be worth showing or breeding.

You receive what you pay for.. a "free puppy" is worth no more than any other "free puppy". Just because a dog have papers does not mean its worth showing.

Show dogs can cost a few thousand. They be bred to meet standard, and strength testing have been done to assure the dog is free of genetic disease.. there's more to it than simply putting two registered dogs together and getting purebred puppies! Do your research and find a famed show breeder. You will get a power pup with a guarantee on it. You will find alot more support from other handler and breeders if you go into the ring near a pup from a known breeder than if you show up next to a back courtyard bred dog.
I have never hear of free purebred puppies.

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