URGENT! My dogs is pregnant and i dont know if she is in labor or not((more details inside))?

I heard a bunch of gargling noises while i was cleaning the bathroom and i move closer to her and it was her making the noises and a bunch of stomach noises her coming from her and i put my hand on her stomach and i could feel like "juices/water" moving around and i could actually see puppies moving around alot like her bulging. So i made a crate up for her and put sheets in it and a sheet over it for privacy from my other dogs. When i let her out to go potty the first thing she did was eat grass. And its not like she was hungry because there was food in the bowl. Also her nipples are filled with breast milk but she is only 6-7 weeks pregnant but her belly is large and is almost practiacally dragging the ground.

ALSO i have another question about my other dog. After he uses the restroom outside he will take his back pulls and like i guess claw so dirt and grass flies up in the air i guess to bury it? Could you tell me what he is doing?
To answer your pregnancy question, a dog gestates for 62 (average) days, this is equal to about 8 weeks. Your dog's puppies are probably moving down the birth canal and preparing for birth in the next week or so.
You'll notice her panting quite a bit, and adjusting her positoin a lot when she's about to have her puppies, also, her basal temp (anal temperature) will drop to below 100 degrees. You'll know when her water breaks, she'll leave a puddle, and if it's her first litter, she'll probably need some direction about where to have her babies. Direct her to where you have designated for her, and she'll do great.
As for your other dog and his grass throwing, lots of dogs do this. Dogs have scent glands in their feet, and digging at the grass releases their scent. He's just marking his territory, adding a little extra zing to his fecal matter, :)
Well, as for the male, he is trying to spread his scent around to mark the territory.

As for the female, she is probably not in labor if you are positive that she is only 6-7 weeks along. However, if I were you, I would call a local vet.
I Would Guess, If U Here Noises Put Here In The Bed. Or If She is Panting

as far as question 2. that is another version of territory marking totally normal, but I understand how it can be annoying to have the dog taking chunks out of the turf.
Q My dog keeps eating grass- is he sick?
A While eating grass may indicate your dog is feeling ill, it may also be habit. Does your dog outwardly seem sick? Does he/she do it all the time? Is this very recent? Does your dog vomit after it eats grass? These are questions you should be asking yourself. You may want to see your veterinarian if eating grass is recent and your dog vomits after doing so. You know your dogs personality better than anyone, if he/she seems ill make an appointment for a check up with its veterinarian.

Scratching the ground: ...Scratching the ground with paws may leave skin cells etc that provide additional olfactory information.
Q1: Dogs are pregnant for about 63 days after mating. If she is not panting or nesting, she may not be in labor. If she seems to be in distress, it would not hurt to get her checked out by a vet... but a little movement and discomfort are normal.

Q2: He is spreading his smell around so that other dogs know that it is his property. My dog will dance around like that for a minute... and I am trying to teach him to "dance" on command."
I am not exactly sure but here is a site that will help:



As for the second question I am not sure.
Some things to look for when your dog is about to whelp:

Drop in body temperature
Shivering (this "shakes" the puppies down the birth control)
Loss of Appetite

Also, if its getting to be about that time, you will want to watch her when she goes out to do her business...make sure she doesn't accidentally have a pup instead. Make sure you have your vets number on hand so you can call and ask any questions when the time comes. Also, be sure to have an emergency vets number in case the puppies come after hours (almost every litter I've helped whelp happened in the middle of the night).

*edited to add:
Have you had her x-rayed to see how many pups to expect?
So here you go. Most people around here could probably even guide you thru the C section.
Call vet.
#1 does she look like she'ds having contractions?! call the vet or take her there ASAP!!
#2he does that to mark his territory our dog used to do that

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