2 question something like my shih tzu?

1. whats a thyroid exam and does she need one?
-it be on my bill that she will need it subsequent but the vet never gave her one

2. is 10 pounds majority for a 11 month old?
Answers: Shih zu pups are prone to Thyrod problems, so yes, achieve it done.

Breed standard for a Shih Tzu is between 9 and 16 lbs. So, having an 11 month ripened that is 10 lbs is comparatively normal.

Go to this cooperation, http://www.shihtzu.org/
It will give you closely of valuable information on the breed.
There is no point not to have a thyroid exam. It costs outstandingly little & it ensures that the dog is vigorous.
Ten pounds is normal cargo.

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