3 month hoary puppy HELP?? please report me this is a phase!!!?

i have a 3month elderly pup (pom). and every time i walk he bites my legs&foot. i get upset sometimes cause hes so little& im anxious that some one will step on him and hurt him really bad.
anyways the biggest problem is he bites ALOT. when i hold him hes nice at first the he starts to bite, i bring up to date him NO then i put him down to stop playing next to him but it like he get mad and keep on biting me when i make my voice louder and voice NO he barks subsidise at me and he doesnt listen at all. its close to he dont know the word no but he should cause when he does something desperate i tell him no...but again he bark back at me. HOw can i receive him to stop barking and biting me. i tired holding hes mouth close when he bites but that doesnt work. ive stuck my finger contained by the back so he doesnt approaching the feeling hoping he'll stop but again he bites pay for. i've scremed at him to stop but barks final and bites my legs thinking im playing. ive even patted him within the butt to stop but he never stops.can someone help me?
Answers: HA HA LOSER
converse to DOG WHISPERER.

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