7 month ripened puppy near a possible unwary??

I have a 7 month out-of-date puppy and over the past few days i enjoy noticed that she have small red spots (they are not raised close to bumps) around her nipple area.they enjoy progressivly started to spread and i was basically curious to know what this may be. Over the past few months she have had the tendancy to roll around contained by her urine and im unsure if this may be the cause. also we a short time ago recently changed her food from purina puppy to chow to pedigree for big breeds (for both adults and puppies) do you think this could be the motive of her "breakout"?
Answers: There are so many possible cause. It's best to have your Vet do an exam to rule out what it isn't. Then if it isn't due to fleas, mites, it may be allergies to food or to something surrounded by the environment. Food allergies would be common though I'd be surprised if within was a food allergy from shifting from Purina Dog chow to Pedigree. Both are similar and both could cause allergies.
Wheat and corn are products commonly used surrounded by dog foods that some does react to. Also, some dogs are sensitive to confident meat types, like chicken or lamb or beef. That's why it would be perfect to take her to the Vet to rule out other cause besides allergies and know if you even need to transfer the food.
Although Pedigree is considered by many to be a poor level of dog food, some dogs do okay on it and it is a lot cheaper than other foods. I hold known dogs that lived a long time near few problems on Purina Dog Chow or Pedigree. It's not waht I feed my dogs or a food I would one-sidedly recommend, but changing foods but for necessary can merely create more problems.
Yes, it sounds that it could be the change contained by your puppy's food.

Have her checked out by a vet just within case.
why are you feed such a low quality junky food??

switch to a elevated quality dry kibble solely.

most dogs do not roll in their own urine... where on earth did this dog originally come from?
It could be from something in the alien dog food. I'd have it checked at the Vet, & maybe switch it back to the first dog food & see, if the Vet can't identify the source.

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